Attraction untamed

Eyes that can pierce right through me, sacred locks broken

Unattainable yet I choose to be exposed

My willing body wraps around him tighter, unrestrained and free

With the taste of his tongue on my lips I surrender

Our bodies glide together, moving slowly before he owns me

I sink my teeth into his flesh to silence my pleasure, all in vain

His hands rough and wise, his mouth seeking mine

Our bodies dripping as the gates to ecstasy open

Eye to eye, chest to chest, he is my definitive of desire

He commands my body and I’m left quivering in the spin of climax

My fingers in his hair, my mouth on his, devoured and reeling

Our bodies entwined, dazed and satisfied

Finger tips trace along my nakedness, my cage open

His body fits perfectly around mine, bare skinned and content

A connection unspoken, attraction untamed


Lady J x


Confession of a Filth Seeker (requested)

Some insights into sex addiction

Jessica was always relieved when there were new people at the meetings, it confirmed that she wasn’t a freak and that others shared her weaknesses. She would sit and listen intently as they described their struggles and recent tumbles from the wagon and recall her wayward days. This is her most sacred confession.

**To confess ones darkest, filthiest acts or desires takes great courage….

I stepped into the motel room to find several gentlemen hovering around in anticipation. I didn’t think so many would turn up but then what else should I have expected, the ad I had placed was explicit and precise. I made my way over to put my coat down and undress. I slipped out of my skirt and blouse and stood before them in my bra and panties, I could feel their eyes on me. I straightened my back, and stepped forward “Who’s first?” I asked as my eyes scanned the room. I watched as a dark middle aged man stepped forward unbuckling his belt. He led me over to the small desk where he slipped my panties down and unfastened my bra. He attempted to kiss me. “Not on the mouth” I said and he obliged by moving his lips south. My eyes spread across the room enjoying the delight on the strangers faces as I threw my head back and moaned. He placed his hands on my hips and turned me around as he stood, bending me over the desk. He fumbled with his pants and I felt him enter me with greed, moving fast, his breath on my back.

My body bumped into the desk continuously keeping to his rhythm, I could hear soft murmurs among the small crowd and felt another hand touch my shoulder. I turned my head slightly to see an older, taller man with a soft face smiling down at me. “May I?” he asked gesturing to his belt buckle. I turned my head further to gauge my riders reaction and he simply shrugged and thrust into me harder. I nodded and he unfastened his belt and opened his pants to reveal an impressive erection. He stood to the side of me and offered me a taste. I took him into my mouth covering him with my lips and wetting him with my tongue. He held the back of my head so he could grind deep into my throat causing me to gag. I swallowed him down as far as I could take him then slid my lips up and released him from my grip. He stood back and took hold of himself, moving his hand up and down with his tip pointing in my face. I flicked my tongue over it as he caressed himself while I enjoyed the ride I was receiving from behind as his thrusts grew more urgent. The group had huddled in closer and were enjoying the show. I felt like I had escaped into myself, into my own safe haven free from judgement, my body free to give and take.

I felt a finger trace the rim of my ass and turned my head to see a fine younger man standing to the side rubbing his soft hands over my round cheeks. The thrusts stopped momentarily and my rider caught his breath “How bout it sweet heart?” I could see the question in their eyes as I stood and cupped my breasts completely turned on by the thought of another man filling me. I tweaked at my nipples as they waited eagerly. I walked over to the couch and they trailed behind me like well trained puppies. I took my riders hand and pushed him onto the soft cushions, straddling his hard cock that I had enjoyed so much. I moved my body forward and pressed my breasts into his face. I turned my head and pushed my ass out inviting my fine young man to come and play. He moved around me and grabbed at my hips, wetting the tip of his finger before pushing it right into me, moving it in circles. I curled my back in anticipation. He poked at me from behind with his hardness and entered my ass slowly, grinding in deep. I threw my head back, completely enthralled in my own world, immersed in complete penetration. They found their rhythm as I gripped the couch cushions tightly, taking pleasure in being taken from beneath and behind. My lips found their way to my soft faced strangers eager cock and I was glad to have something in my mouth to stop myself from screaming out in ravenous enjoyment. My small crowd hovered close by, a room full of lustful eyes, watching as I took all 3 men with sexual greed. They moved more vigorously and I felt such immense pressure inside me, hitting that sensitive spot just right. I swallowed down even deeper as I got closer to my orgasm. I felt his thick semen run down my throat as I massaged his tip with my tongue, drinking every last drop. He pulled out of my mouth and stroked my face as I reached my ecstasy running his thumb across my lips. I bit down on it as I came to stifle my moans as my body reached its limit. One after the other they filled me with their hot cum, the climax we had all shared leaving us in a daze as we collapsed on the floor. My head was foggy and as I looked up to see the many faces watching me closely, their intentions clear and my greedy body still wanting.

The room filled with soft murmurs and heavy breathing as one by one I enjoyed the penetration of my audience, some gentle, some rough, some in my mouth, and many at once. Some happy enough to watch from a dark corner and please themselves. The hours passed and I could feel my hunger relinquishing and exhaustion take over as the room slowly started to clear. I lay on the bed as the last of my guests finished, breathless and dazed I closed my eyes and breathed in air that smelt of nothing but sex. Momentarily satisfied and conscious of my actions and surroundings, the guilt crept in like it always did. I looked around the room to find a few stragglers lurking in the shadows and wiped myself off before heading for the shower. I stepped under the water and just let myself sink to the floor in a puddle of shame and regret. I had just had 14 men inside me one way or another and the satisfaction I had worked so vigorously for had just been sabotaged leaving me seeking more, always seeking more. This surely is the cruelest of all addictions.

The bathroom door swung open and I looked up to see one of the stragglers in the door way. I blinked as my mind fought the guilt and shame letting it dissolve into nothing but a memory at the prospect of another fuck. I got to my feet and stood naked before him, my eyes inviting him into me. How quickly I can go from remorse to filth seeking within a matter of moments. He didn’t say a word, he just stood in the door way, his eyes scanning over my body, searching every inch of me. His eyes stopped at my breasts and he stepped forward and reached out to stroke them gently. I watched as his eyes clouded over with darkness and I questioned my decision to lure this stranger into my web but it was too late. He worked in a frenzy to get rid himself of his clothing and stepped into the shower beside me.

His hands reached for me angrily grabbing at my flesh with evil intent. I’m always up for a bit of rough and tumble but this man had hateful eyes and a glare that could kill. His hands held me firmly at my shoulders and his eyes stabbed into mine, running down my body from head to toe. His hands tightened their grip on my shoulders and I cried out in pain. I could see the delight that gave him as he smirked and squeezed harder. I took a deep breath and stifled a whimper. He pulled me in closer and I felt his excitement digging into me. His hands tore their way down to my thighs and he tightened his grip and lifted me to join his hardness. He thrust into me hard and deep, his hands bruising my flesh, my body pressed hard against the wall. All I could do was wrap my body around him and try to take pleasure in the battering I was receiving. He bit into my shoulder hard and without mercy until I screamed out in agony but to my surprise my body responded with arousal to the pain. I tangled my fingers in his hair and pulled his head back so I could watch his face as he assaulted me. Such dark intense eyes, his jaw clenched tighter as he pressed my back into the shower wall harder, causing my back to scrape up and down the tiling. He dropped me to my feet and wrapped his hands around my throat, squeezing gently at first before leaning in to kiss me. “Not on my mouth” I gasped and he tightened his grip on my throat and pulled me into him, biting my lip and lashing his tongue into my mouth. I could barely breathe let alone respond but a part of me enjoyed him taking control and forcing me to bend to his rules, it made me want to please him.

He released his grip on my throat and turning and bending me over so my back was under the running water. I saw him turn the tap and felt the water heat up until it was just bearable enough to be under. His eyes watched as my skin turned red and I squirmed in discomfort. Steam filled the room as he pulled my hair back and turned the tap further, scalding my skin for what felt like an eternity. He held me in place so I couldn’t escape, he slid into me just as he turned the tap to cold providing me with relief and pleasure at the same time. My body reacted to the relief instantly, my back arched to cover every inch of my tortured flesh with cold water as he slammed his hard cock into me over and over. It felt exquisite, my body was alive in so many ways, I was so turned on I moaned and backed up into him bringing him in deeper. He pulled my hair back further causing my back to curl as he picked up his pace, my body meeting him thrust for thrust, eager to please and wanting more. He reached around and found my soft clit and gave it a flick causing me to jerk as he released my hair and took hold of my hips bringing me into him with such force my knees buckled. I felt my body relenting and I gave into the pleasure and pushed back into him harder, he grunted and his fingers dug into my hips. I felt my body start to respond and my gasps pleaded for more, I was on the edge of my orgasm, so close I could feel the throbbing of my clit start and I wriggled a little deeper into him. He knew exactly what was about to happen and I felt him give me one last hard thrust before he sent me into a convulsing mess. My body had succumbed to his force and now I was getting my reward, my legs crumbled, and my body pulsated in rhythm with his thrusts. I cried out, this time in pleasure and not pain and felt his urgency grow. He pushed into me deep and I felt him grind up against me before he pulled out and I felt him put his tip into my ass and he filled it with his warm juices. My body was so aroused and satisfied, my legs gave in and I sank to the floor, I looked up to see him standing above me. His eyes still dark and clouded, I looked at him closely and recognised the pain in his eyes. The pain of self loathing and guilt. This man had not uttered a word to me yet I completely understood him at this moment, sometimes I wonder if I’m addicted to the sex or the feeling of self hate that immediately followed. He stepped out of the shower without a word, gathered his clothes and left the room leaving me under the cold water.

I will confess that my appetite for sex was ferocious and never ending. This was not the only time I had one of these special gatherings and I hold each experience deep in my memory. My first experience with pain stimulation and pleasure had opened my eyes to many different forms of sexual exploration. Different ways for my body to achieve the kind of fix I constantly craved, the kind of satisfaction that took away the guilt as it felt like a form of punishment. And so a new door opened, a dark door, a door that frightened yet excited me, I took my first step of intrigue through that door and never turned back. My name is Jessica and I am a sex addict.

Lady J x

Free me From my Chains

Release my deepest desires, free me from judgment and shame, my body’s cravings, my minds yearnings

Pull my hair, tear at my flesh, discover my sexual soul

Fuck me, don’t love me, excite me, surprise me, control my pleasure with pain

Penetrate the darkest part of my mind, own me, tame me, set me free

Explore my body with devious hands, whisper your filthy intentions

Bite me, taste me, command me, be unrelenting and formidable

Leave my body wanting more, now let me take control

Bring my fantasies to climax, be fearful but never ashamed

Be my willing subject, let my darkest shadows come out to play

Scratches along your back, your flesh torn, cry out in pain

Let me fuck your mind with my dirtiest confessions

Let my body ravage yours and claim you without consent

Obey me, delight me, bring me explicit pleasures

Share my body but own my soul – free me from my chains

Lady J x

Glorious Red Lips

Her back was turned as I entered the hotel lobby, I paused to take in every inch of her sensual presence. Her photos hadn’t done her justice. She stood dripping in seduction, wearing a little black dress exposing every soft curve of her heavenly body. I could feel her essence drawing me in as I started towards her, fighting my nerves. I smoothed out my skirt and brushed my long hair to the side before gently nudging her elbow. I caught my breath as she turned to face me, her eyes penetrating mine, I’m unable to move as I study every lustful feature of her face. Her dark hair cascading down her back, her silhouette so slender and divine, yet I am drawn to only one thing. Her glorious red lips.

“Ally?” I ask tentatively. Her lips curl into a smile as she nods and pulls me into an unexpected embrace. She holds me close to her and I’m unsure how to react. All I can think about is the warmth of her flesh and the smell of her hair. I’m reluctant to let her go when she releases me from her grip. “It’s nice to finally put a voice to the face” she says, taking hold of my hands. We had been exchanging emails for awhile and I had finally built up the courage to meet her face to face. I never thought I could be so captivated by a woman, I felt completely at ease by her touch and by the nearness of her body. My eyes drank her in and the realisation hits home, the attraction I had been feeling towards this woman for weeks was real. The fear of that realisation hits me just as hard.

We stood awkwardly for what seemed like an eternity, just breathing each other in. I tore my eyes away from her lips and asked if she wanted to have a drink at the hotel bar. As we made our way over to order, I observed the persuasive way she moved, the gentle sway of her hips, the rise and fall of her breasts. I never expected the attraction to be so intense, to spark desires in me I never knew existed until my eyes met hers. Hand in hand we reached the bar and gave our order to the barman. “I feel like I’ve always known you” she says as we take our seats. “Is it weird that I feel the same way?” I ask. I avoid looking into her eyes to hide the fear she would surely see in mine. The thought of her naked scared the life out of me. If she had such a powerful effect on me fully clothed, what would the sight of her naked soft flesh do to me? I am all too aware that she has experience with women that I have yet to even imagine. The feeling of inadequacy washes over me leaving me trembling at the thought of her sexual conquests.

Our drinks arrived and we settle into easy conversation, reliving the more PG rated emails we had exchanged. The intrigue of her words completely compelling me to listen obediently, my eyes never wavering from her exquisite mouth. “You really are quite delicious” the words escaping my lips before I could stop them. Her eyes met mine with devious intent, “You are about to find out just how delicious I am my queen” she whispers. I can’t prevent the heat from rising in my cheeks as I blush from head to toe at that very thought. She leaned in close, I could feel her breath on my face, she lay her hand under my chin tilting my mouth towards hers. She claimed my lips so gently, running her tongue along mine like silk, giving a gentle nibble before pulling away. A kiss so short and sweet, her taste lingering, and I can’t help but smile as I lean in close to whisper in her ear “You are definitely an acquired taste” I can’t hold back a giggle as she playfully slaps me away. I put my hands up to plea surrender and she takes my hands into hers, “You’re more mischievous then I thought you would be” she says as our fingers entwine. “Shall we order another round?” I ask “Maybe one from the minibar” she said in a voice as sexy as sin.

We finished the last drops from our glasses and made our way to the elevators, her hand on the small of my back guiding me forward. The door slid shut and we stood alone, face to face. I looked up just in time to catch the seductive spark in her eye as she pulled me in by my waist, kissing me hard and fast, my mouth returning her urgency. The elevator slowed to a stop, we parted and I was left standing there in a fluster of panic and longing. I couldn’t decipher what exactly I was feeling. I had always been attracted to women I knew that much but it had never gone further than admiration from afar. The conflict I felt was overwhelming, she was familiar with this game and I had yet to experience it. The fear in me battling the desire that she set free. I hesitated as the doors opened, she took my hand and looked me in the eye “It’s ok, I’ll look after you” she said and she led me to the hotel room door. She swiped the keycard and gently led me inside, I prayed she didn’t notice my sweaty palms and trembling fingers as I fought to gain control of my nerves.

I followed her inside and gently closed the door behind us. The room illuminated a soft glow from the dim bedside lamp, our shadows dancing on the walls. She walked over to the minibar and took out some glasses to pour us a drink, god knows I needed it. I took the glass from her and gulped every last drop down while she looked at me with concern. “We don’t have to do anything you know, we can just talk” she said casually. I contemplated the thought of spending the night just talking with her and knew it wouldn’t be enough. It was time to take the leap into the deep end, to explore my undeniable urges this woman had ignited in me. I set my glass down on the bedside table, wiped my sweaty palms on the back of my skirt and brought my hand to caress her beautiful soft face. “I’m ok. I’m just nervous and worried you won’t enjoy me” I explained. “She looked at me from beneath her dark lashes and said “Oh but I already have enjoyed you”. I blushed at the memory of the photos we had exchanged in our emails and stifled a giggle “Oh I’m sure you have.”

I ran my hands down to her hips and pulled her in close. I could smell her sweet scent of vanilla and liquor as I brushed my lips against hers, lingering for a moment before I caressed her tongue with mine. My mind no longer filled with self doubt, only my own conscious desires. She moved her hands up my body as we kissed, stepping back to slowly lift my shirt over my head and let it drop to the floor. I reached around and unzipped the back of that magnificent dress and it slipped from her body with ease. I wriggled out of my skirt and we stood facing each other, taking in every inch of each others bodies. She was stunning, my eyes devoured her every curve, every freckle and every morsel, my lust for her building by the second. She came at me with such hunger I almost fell back. She kissed me hard and fast, leaving me breathless as she traced her tongue down my neck snapping off my bra with ease as she went. Her mouth found my breasts and she gently pushed me down onto the bed. I lay back and fumbled to slide her bra from her body, my hands caressing her generous breasts. Her mouth lingered over my nipple and I felt her run her tongue along the edges before taking it into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure as her tongue swayed on that sensitive spot over and over again. She lay on top of me so I couldn’t squirm away and continued to ravage my breasts, I have never known so much pleasure to come from the places she was exploring, all I knew was that I wanted more.

My hands can’t help but search the entirety of her body, exploring every crevice with velvet finger tips. Her skin feels like silk to touch as my fingers trace their way up her slender thigh. She wriggles from above me and I can see the delight in her face as my fingers continue up to her panties, She accommodates and I slide them down, brushing my fingers against her skin along the way. She pins my hands above my head, preventing my fingers from travelling further as she meets my lips with hers. Our tongues danced in a frenzy of desire, leaving us both gasping. She pressed her lips to my neck, lightly brushing against my skin making her way down my body so slowly I could taste the anticipation. I squirmed beneath her and she looked up “Just relax” she breathed. I lay back and tried my best to do as I was told.

Her lips moved down my soft flesh sending chills shooting right through me. My mind completely focused on her lips against my skin I let go of any reservations I had and let my body surrender. She clenched her teeth around the top of my panties and tugged them down to my ankles. God she is sexy. Her hands travelled up my legs with her lips trailing after them. She slowed down at my thighs, moving her hands up to caress my breasts as her mouth explores in between my legs. I can’t help but gasp as her lips find my pussy and I feel her tongue graze my clit. My hands automatically reach down to stroke her hair as she slides her fingers inside me while enjoying her tasting pleasure. I gasp at the feeling of her fingers moving, caressing and twisting around my soft walls while her mouth moistens my opening.  It felt exquisite, so many sensations running through my body I had to stop my mind from trying to process it and just give in to the incredible pleasure I was being immersed in.

Her touch is getting more urgent, her mouth more demanding with each passing moment. She pushed her fingers in deeper as her tongue found the crevices of my clit, causing my legs to jerk involuntarily. I grabbed hold of the bed spread and arched my back, a soft moan escaping my lips. I could feel my climax building as she twirled her tongue around and thrusted into me as deep as she could get. My legs shaking and my hips lifting off the bed as I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out in pleasure. Her tongue is unrelenting and she knows just where to stroke, her mouth covers my lips as she gently sucks, while her tongue continues to ravage me. I try to wriggle away but she holds me in place firmly not showing any mercy. I can feel the gentle pulsation start and I give in and collapse around her mouth, moaning as the wave of release washes over me, my juices flowing, my legs trembling, my body convulsing. Her mouth lingers as she tastes her reward and I reach down to lift her face to mine and kiss her beautiful mouth, wrapping my arms around her so I can roll her onto her back.

I lay her down gently and nibbled on her ear, I tried not to think about the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. As a woman, I know how I like to receive pleasure, I just prayed that she liked to receive it that way too as it was the only way I could fathom giving it to her. I slid my hands down to her perfectly round breasts while I kissed my way down her neck, savouring every inch of her flesh. I rubbed my thumbs along her nipples, gently tweaking as my tongue made their way down to them. My mouth enveloped her grand mounds as I ran my tongue over her nipples, my mouth gently sucking as my tongue continued to flick over the sensitivities I myself knew so well. I drew back and gently blew on her breasts and watched her nipples harden, her pleasure clear on her face. My hands slowly slid down in between her legs and stroked her gently, parting her lips so I could lightly graze up against her clit. I watched the expression on her face intently, searching for a sign of her enjoyment.

I kissed my way down to her inner thighs, while my busy fingers slipped inside her moist pussy. She was warm and her walls soft and wet, eager to welcome me. My tongue traced and explored every supple surface, brushing my lips against her wetness. She tasted sweet, her scent surrounding me as my mouth found her clit. She drew her legs up as my tongue caressed that magnificent spot and she moaned. Filled with encouragement I continued my quest for her juices as I pushed my fingers into her harder, and deeper keeping my mouth hovering over her heavenly gate. I took my time and worshipped her with intent and lustful desire in each touch. I looked up to see her biting her fist and I knew the pleasure she must be feeling. I twirled my tongue quicker then pressed my lips into her softness, my fingers thrusting into her at the same time. She moaned and dug her heels into the mattress, her thighs clenching around me and I knew she was about to come. I slid my fingers in deep and twirled in a circular motion while sucking on her clit. She moaned and I felt her body tremble as her juices moistened my fingers, her cries of pleasure, music to my ears. She tilts her hips and clenches me tighter with her thighs, her body squirming as she orgasms, my tongue still persistent to bring her to her full climax. I feel her body start to weaken as I slide my fingers out and allow my tongue to linger to taste her. She is divine.

Her thighs release me and her body becomes still as she catches her breath. She reaches for me and I move up and lay beside her. I turn to her and our fingers lock. She reaches out and softly caresses my face running her thumb along my lips. I hadn’t expected my first time with a woman to be so freeing, so completely unselfish and satisfying. To lay with a soft body that completely owns their womanhood and their sexuality, the desire, the lust, the sexual freedom it ignited in me has awakened my own sensuality. I am the definitive of bliss. I gently bite her thumb as she sweeps it across my mouth. Our naked bodies entangled, I sweep some loose strands from her face and I give her a soft lingering kiss. My mind imprinting the image of her glorious red lips.

Lady J x

Virgin Fingertips

Searching myself hungrily with virgin fingertips

My hands tremble with the touch of my own flesh

Frantic and lustful, I find the softness of my breasts

Gently cupping, tweaking, wanting

My breath escapes in a fluster of gasps, my hands yearning for more

Sliding my palms down the curves of my supple body, I search

Seeking the sweetest of all my gifts

The lightest of touches, capable of such electric desire

My willing body, eager for more

My mind as guilty as sin as I stroke myself faster

Entering my moist heaven as I moan with delight

My fingers thrusting, my hips tilting

I feel my soft walls respond to my touch

And all I can do is give into the release

The pleasure is building, throbbing, pulsating

My eyes roll and my toes curl as my body convulses

Succumbing to the sensual touch, of my virgin fingertips.

Lady J X